Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nebraska State Good Sam Rally

Hastings, NE

On Tuesday morning it was time to leave Papillion, NE.  Originally, our next destination was to be somewhere near Sioux Falls, SD to tour the sights in that area for a bit, but we had several days open in the schedule until we wanted to head up that way.  No problem. We're fulltimers and plans can change at the drop of a hat.  We've been Lifetime members of the Good Sam Club since the early 1990's, but up until now we had only been able to attend our local chapter's outings when we lived in Virginia, plus the state rally each year in the spring.

A Welcome from the Fairground
Well, now that we are fulltime RVers we really don't belong to any Good Sam chapter anymore.  I happened to be looking at the Good Sam site for possible state Samborees in areas which we might be traveling thru in the next few months and came upon the Nebraska State Rally in Hastings, NE running June 6-9th. Because Hastings is only a few hours west of Papillion and because the rally rates were reasonable we decided to register and head to Hastings as an "early bird" arriving on Tuesday afternoon.  The rally is being held at the Adams County Fairground on the south end of Hastings.

Karen Enjoying the Sunny Day
Hookups are either water and electric, or electric only.  We were told that if we arrived early, getting a water and electric spot should be no problem.  Well......we arrived around noon.....and there were already a bunch of rigs onsite. We did get a water and electric site, but it was one of the last few available.  Apparently, a lot of other folks had the same idea as us. We got parked and set up in short order.

Fortunately, it's still early in the season and the weather is still fairly cool as we're parked right across from the Swine Barn. Thank goodness the barn is empty!

Part of the Rigs Near Us
These are just a few of the rigs already on the grounds when we arrived.  We heard tonight that there are 218 rigs at the rally.

We have been without sewer hookups since we arrived at Papillion on May 30th, so we've been saving up our laundry until we got to a town with a few laundries. (We have a washer/dryer in our rig, but didn't want to fill up the grey tank by using the washer too much.)  I know that some of you will disagree, but we LOVE our washer/dryer in the rig.  We haven't used a commercial laundry in some time and had forgotten how expensive and inconvenient (in our opinion) they can be.  Fortunately, we found one only a short distance from the fairgrounds. We went there and found that we could not only do our laundry, but get a tan as well.  LOL

I will admit, however, that this laundry was very clean inside and we were in and out in short order.

Waiting in Line for the Meal
Okay, back to the Samboree. Something that we have found which is consistent at ALL gatherings of RVers is that folks like to eat. People will be late for a lot of things, but not when it comes to mealtime.

Bill Wakefield and Random
The Samboree has been a lot of fun so far with the opportunity to meet new folks and to enjoy some pretty good evening entertainment.  On Thursday night a group out of Omaha, NE named "Bill Wakefield and Random" played a variety of songs from the '40s thru the early '60s. They were very good.

One More Time
On Friday night the entertainment was provided by a husband-wife duo named "One More Time".  We had seen them a few years ago at another large RV rally and remembered them as being very good. In this picture they're dressed in Christmas garb because the theme at this rally is "Christmas in June".  Again, they did a very nice job and everyone seemed to enjoy their show.

We got a chance to get out and visit the city of Hastings on Friday, but I'll speak more about that in the next blog.

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  1. I'm so glad you all are enjoying yourselves so much. Stay safe, love to you both.

  2. Like you, we are glad to have an onboard washer/dryer. Don't use it (at least not until the last day) if we are not at an FHU site, but since we try to always book an FHU after being without a sewer hook-up, haven't had to go looking for a laundromat yet.

  3. We're with you on our W/D. It was a must have when we bought our MH.

    We've never been to a Good Sam rally. Wonder how it compares to Nick's Gypsy Journal rallies (not that he's doing them anymore).

    I'm starting to think this full time RV life is suiting you very well. :c)

    1. I would say that there are a greater percentage of FTers at Nick's Rallies. Because there are no "chapters" or local clubs it makes for a bit more open interaction among everyone. I hope that Nick retuns someday to doing at least one rally each year. We always had a very nice time there.

  4. Looks like you found a good spot and are enjoying the start of the rally.