Monday, November 17, 2014

Not Held Hostage in Mexico

Posted from Casa Grande, AZ    (Click on Pics to Enlarge)

I received an email from one of our blog followers the other day asking if we were being held hostage in Mexico after the conclusion of our dental work.  No, we made it out without incident!

As I look back, it's been over a month since our last post.  Two reasons really.  The first is that we've been settling into our wintering over location here in Casa Grande, AZ at Palm Creek Golf and RV. The second reason is that I've just been too lazy to write a blog.

We arrived at Palm Creek on October 15th. I really can't believe that we've already been here for a whole month!  I'm not going to re-hash info. and pics about Palm Creek because we stayed here last winter and you can click HERE if interested in finding out more about the resort.

Mid-October is still early (and a bit warm) for snowbirders returning to the area, but it's uncrowded and gives us a chance to get day-to-day things done before our friends return for the winter. The gate is usually very  "uncrowded" at this time of the year.

Of course, we had to check out the pickleball courts shortly after arrival.  This photo must have been taken in the hotter part of the afternoon as there were few players on the courts.  As I write this blog today, there seem to be many more players already here than at the same time last year. Probably due to the growing popularity of the sport.

Aside from me playing a LOT of pickleball, Karen is also alternating pickleball with water aerobic classes.  Probably a smarter idea than playing so much pickleball, but I'll never admit to that.

This past Saturday the Resort held its' first of two "Welcome Back" events.  Usually the first is held in mid-November and then a second in January.  There is usually a band playing music "geared" toward our age group.  I can't believe I said that!

Of course you can't have a group of snowbirders get together without food. The lines moved a lot faster this year.

The intent of the "Welcome Back" event is to get folks together to socialize and meet up with old friends and to make new ones. The goal is easily accomplished at Palm Creek. Although it was only our second year staying here, we felt like veterans of the Resort.

Each year residents and snowbirders alike head to the "Pots of Petals" area to select pre-made live plant arrangements, or to have arrangements made up on the spot by the maintenance staff.

You can have hanging baskets and pots of various sizes configured.

The staff deliver the arrangements to your site in a day or two, then for snowbirders like us, remove the pots when you leave for the year. It's a nice touch as it adds color up and down the streets of houses and RVs.

For the past week we've had the chance to get our "dog fix" while watching our friends' Paul and Laura's dog Riley while they are away on business. He reminds us so much of our last Golden Retriever Corey.  Riley is 10 YOA and a very easy going dog to take care of.

Well, hopefully, this blog will serve to catch everyone up with our activities since our last post.  The posts over the winter will probably be fewer and less frequent as "exciting" and blog worthy events just don't seem to happen as we're settled in one place for an extended length of time.

    We don't ever get tired or bored by a beautiful sunset, however.

As always, thanks for stopping by to take a look!