Friday, May 3, 2013

Natchez Trace State Park

Wildersville, TN
Sorry it has been a few days since we’ve blogged, but the Verizon cell coverage at our present location is pretty poor.  We might get a 1x signal when it’s working.  Possibly time to think about some antennas and amplifiers to boost our signal. I’m currently sitting in the parking lot of a McDonald’s just off of I-40 to be able to get this blog post uploaded.

We left Thousand Trails Orlando last Monday and made an overnight stop at Twin Oaks RV Park near Elko, GA.  A nice little park for a quick stopover.  Full hookups with a  pull thru site for $19 (using our Passport America) membership.

We were going to take two days from Elko to get to our present stop in the Natchez Trace State Park,
Wildersville, TN, but we decided to “tough it out” and drive like Paul Dahl.  We did 535 miles and arrived here on Tuesday. (Sorry, Paul, I know that’s a short day for you, but a long one for us!) We’ll be here for 8 nights.

Natchez Trace State Park is very nice.  We’re on a FHU site backed up next to the water on our patio side.
 We intend to do a lot of relaxing while here and really don’t have any “events” planned.
On Thursday we did manage to get in some GeoCaching.  At many locations throughout the country,  a series of ”Ranger Rick” caches have been set up to encourage folks to get outside and explore nature.  The cache in this park consisted of 8 different caches scattered along the trail adjacent to Pin Oak Lake.  The goal was to find each cache and identify an animal and its’ associated foot print based on clues found inside the cache.  The walk along the trail was nice and the GeoCaching was an added bonus.

The park has an equestrian campground with associated boarding for horses, a lodge (Pin Oak Lodge)
for those without RVs, several small cabins inside the campground, a boat launching area, miles of hiking trails, and enough paved roads for biking.
I don’t know how busy this park gets in the summer months, but currently there are only about 10 campsites occupied out of 77 FHU sites.  We are becoming fans of state parks!
Our "Loop"

Today, Friday, is the first day we’ve had rain in quite a few days, but we’d like to get our Sea Eagle Paddleski out on the water before leaving next Wednesday.
Top(L) Our site    (R) View from Behind
Bottom (L) Below our Patio (R) Pavillion and Play Area

We decided to take a "short" bike ride around the adjoining camp roads to check out the surroundings. Unfortunately, we were on our "folding" bikes and the hills we encountered were not too conducive to this type of bicycle.
(L)Karen walking it up the hill.
(R) Are we there yet?

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!


  1. This is a great site. We thought state parks were not a viable choice for a big rig. 50amp?

    1. Bill, yes 50 amp with (water, electric, AND sewer). We've found that a lot do not have sewer, but we'll be heading to an AR state park next week and have already confirmed that they do have FHUs as well. Love the room between sites at SPs.

  2. Thanks for the two campground reviews and links. We always worry we won't be able to get our rig into some of these campgrounds. The state park looks very, very nice!

  3. No worries, you are forgiven. Not everybody is as insane as I am. ;c)

    Happy sailing with your Sea Eagle, they are lots of fun. Be sure to watch out for pirates, you never know...

    Great picture of Karen holding up that sign! :cD

  4. We sure do enjoy empty campgrounds. Enjoy the peace and quiet!