Thursday, May 23, 2013

Onward to Kansas

Mayetta, KS

Now before you hit the delete key, hear us out on this one.  We had been "through" Kansas a few years ago when we made a trip "out west" during one of those hurried vacation trips.  Driving across Kansas on our return trip was none too impressive.  Lots of flat land, many, many, many fields of crops, and hot weather (it was July at that time). So you are probably wondering, why go back to Kansas. Well, we are still slowly working our way to Gillette, WY for the national Escapees Rally at the end of June and we want to get back to South Dakota to do some exploring in our "new" home state.  Since we needed to get to South Dakota from southern Missouri we started looking for a few spots to overnight or stop for a bit along the way.

Entrance to Hotel
We stayed at an RV Park attached to a casino up in Manistee, MI a few years back and really liked it, so we started looking for a similar casino-type park along our intended route through Kansas (also because eastern Kansas didn't seem to have too many highly rated CGs in this area).  We use RV Park Reviews a lot of times to select potential CGs and one called Praire Band Casino and RV Resort near Mayetta, KS seemed to fit the bill.  We drove 300 miles yesterday and arrived in the early afternoon.  The CG was not crowded at all and the best part was that they accepted Passport America for an unlimited stay.  With the Memorial Day Holiday coming up this next weekend we wanted to be positioned "in" a CG and not looking for a place to stay.

Top(L):CG Registration  Top(R): Overview of Sites
Lower(L):"Good Signs"  Lower(R): Our Rig on Site
The CG is situated to the rear of the casino and hotel.  We were very pleasantly surprised when we arrived. The roads are all paved and the sites are all pull thrus with FHU at all sites.  The sites all have concrete pads and maneuvering through the CG is very easy because of the excellent signage with both vertical signs and arrows on the ground.  (Yes, the lack of proper signage is a pet peeve of mine!)

An important location to learn

Top(L):1 of 2 Bathhouses  Top(R):Clean Laundry
Lower(L):Clean Bathrooms  Lower(R): Nice showers
We are in "tornado alley" here in this part of Kansas, so it's important to locate the tornado shelters before it might become necessary to use one.  If not already in the casino, the CG users are able to take refuge in the two bathhouses located in the CG.

The casino and resort is owned and run by the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation.

Lobby of Hotel

The property contains several nice restaurants and a hotel is attached to the casino.

Landscaping in Hotel's Courtyard

Spa area in Courtyard

Over the next few days we intend to take a few trips in to Topeka (approximately 15 miles south) to visit the Capitol city.

Hey, Kansas looks pretty good now!

As always, thanks for dropping by to take a look!


  1. Say hello to Dorothy and Toto for us! Nice find in that casino campground. And a PPA price too. Now don't lose all that money you saved in the casino... ;c)

  2. Sounds like a nice place, glad you located a storm shelter, hope you don't need it. I bet you could have lots of fun in the Casino. Take care!

  3. I wish all campgrounds had some sort of storm shelter. Whether it's winds, thunderstorms, tornado's, or hurricanes, every state has bad weather and being in a metal box is not the safest place.

  4. Looks like a good place to stop. In fact it is one of the nicer casino campgrounds I have seen. And I like the storm shelter too.