Monday, May 13, 2013

Finally Got the Sea Eagle on the Water

Russellville, AR

Two things today.  First, I'm actually writing a blog on the day events occurred, and two we finally got the Sea Eagle on the water for the first time this year.  Also, no state parks report today.

Today's temperature was supposed to be around 80 degrees, so now that the lake is much less busy than over the weekend, we decided to unpack the Sea Eagle and take a cruise around the shoreline for a bit. 

Packed in the carrying bag
We have the Sea Eagle Paddleski 435ps model which we purchased prior to starting our fulltiming adventures back in 2008.  The boat is 14' long when inflated, but only 38" x 19" x 10" when packed up.  It still amazes me that something which adds so much fun and versatility to our adventures can be so small when traveling.

Fully inflated and seats in place
Once the boat is fully inflated (which takes only a few minutes even with our foot pump) it looks like this and is ready to be carried down to the water's edge.

Ready for a day on the water!
We carried the boat down to the water which was only a short distance from the back of our campsite and Karen was ready for action!

Visitor's Center
Because it was a bit windy during the early afternoon hours, we decided to "hug the shoreline" and just stay near the nearby marina and boat launching area.  Here's a picture from the water of the park's visitors center.

Karen in front! (How about that hat)
We took a few minutes break and pulled alongside the boat launch area as there were very few users out on the water today to enjoy a drink and a  snack.

Our campground's "point"

We spent several hours out on the water and may take the boat out again this evening before it gets dark when the winds die down a bit.  Had a great time for our first time out of the season.

Thanks for dropping by to take a look!


  1. It looks like lots of fun, and I love the water fall picture. Take care!

  2. Look at you two...Envious..wish we had a boat!

  3. Karen is really stylin' in that hat. :c)

    Glad your first "yaching" expedition was a success. Sea Eagles are lots of fun, a great toy in a small package.

  4. Still considering a Sea Eagle someday ... nice to see you out on the water.

    1. We enjoy our Paddle Ski, but you could also go with individual kayak-sytle inflatables.

  5. Hey you guys!
    So great to see you having a ball. We've been down at the beach for the past month recuperating from a very stressful and difficult first quarter.
    Haven't been reading nor writing blogs... But wanted to tell you the good news about our intermittent damp carpet issue.
    We didn't think the water was coming from beneath the sink, but based on your diagnosis, Tz gently hand-tightened all the fittings under there... And voila! Dry as a bone. Knock on wood. ;))
    It was especially neat to see your at Petit Jean, since we plan to be there in the fall for the autumn colors. We love that area. The Falls look kinda pitiful, tho'... The drought has diminished their grandeur.
    So hurrah for dry carpets! And continue with the fun. See ya!

    1. That's great to hear concerning the water leak. We were so happy not only to have solved our problem, but really happy to find out that the fix was so easy.