Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Westward with Travel Uncertainty

Writing from Papillion, NE     (Click on Pics to Enlarge)

We left the Amana Colonies this morning after a very enjoyable week.  Roger and Mary Baird arrived yesterday so, of course, we had to go out to dinner.  It seems that's what RVers do a lot!  We had a very nice dinner at Ronneburg's Restaurant in Amana.
Photo: Courtesy of "dpcutler" Google Earth
After dinner we sat around the rigs for a bit as both Bill and Kris Osborne and we were planning to leave on Wednesday morning.  We'll meet up again with the Bairds in Casa Grande, AZ later this year, but the Osbornes are unsure of their travel plans which makes when we might see them again uncertain.

We had planned to leave Amana between 8 and 9 AM this morning, so we finally left around 10.  Fortunately, we had a short drive of 255 miles west to Papillion, NE where we will stay for a few days at Walnut Creek Lake and Rec Area. We stayed here last May, so if you'd like to learn more about the area and this city-run campground you can take a look at that blog entry.

On the way we had to make a fuel stop.  We filled up at a Pilot station near Brooklyn, IA for $3.61 after our Good Sam Lifetime discount.  I believe that's one of the cheapest per gallon prices we've seen in quite awhile.

We arrived around 3 PM and let me say that we are certainly not acclimated to this heat and humidity yet. I know the temperature itself is not that high (for you folks truly out west), but the combination of heat and humidity is not my idea of a good time.  Will have to move to cooler climes.

Oh, yes, about the title of this blog.  That's a reference to the fact that we have no idea where we're headed after leaving Papillion at this point.  We do need to make a reservation for the July 4th holiday, however, so that we don't wind up spending the holiday in a Wally World lot.

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  1. Gas prices yesterday in Harrisonburg, VA was $3.29 at Price Club Costco. Manassas, VA is consistently about $0.11 more.

    1. Bert the gas price at that same station yesterday was $3.39 before our discount.

  2. "we have no idea where we're headed after leaving Papillion at this point." - what a great place to be in life.

  3. Our temperature seems to be keeping with your. Last night we had a wind storm and rain about midnight and our yard is covered with twigs and sticks, picked up a few, have to do more later.

    1. The weather here reminds me of being in VA in the summer, hot and humid.

  4. Fuel prices like that make you wish your fuel tank was bigger. Best we've had is $3.69 in SC at a Walmart. Of course you can't always take that price with you, it's $3.99 here in FL.

    Good luck in your upcoming travels, we don't often make reservations and like living on the edge of the unknown. You certainly don't want to "Wally Dock" over the holiday weekend. Those visits can be more expensive than a campground.