Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Discovered Another Advantage to the Fulltiming Lifestyle

near Clinton, IN

We were due to leave the Thousand Trails today and head toward our next stop near Moline, IL.  It has been raining, windy, and downright nasty outside throughout the nighttime hours. By this time tomorrow, the weather is again supposed to be decent both in our current, and in our destination area.

Back in our pre-fulltiming days (meaning when we were still working), we would have to pack up and get going no matter the weather.   I HATE packing up and setting up in rainy weather!  Not only am I soaked by the time I get everything put away, but most of the items I place inside the rig are wet as well. I don't really mind driving in the rain, but I dislike getting the coach all filthy if I really don't have to.

Therein lies another advantage to the fulltiming lifestyle. Hey, we really don't have to be at our next stop today.  We've decided to just wait the storms out another day and we'll pack up and move on tomorrow.
Now I definitely consider that an advantage!

Safe travels to those who must travel, but we will not be included among those folks today.

ON EDIT:  For those of you who followed the blog concerning My UPS Rant, I'd like everyone to know that I received my package Monday. It took quite a trip after only beginning two hours east of my present location.  Oh well!  All is right with the world again.

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  1. You're no longer a multi tasker. You're missing on setting up in the rain and showering at the same time...

    Glad your package finally came, that was quite a trip. Too bad you didn't get frequent flyer miles out of it! ;c)

  2. I hope you all are safe. We have had rain tonight, but it didn't rain the ball game out and the Nationals won.

    1. Yes, I saw it was an extended rain delay during their game.

  3. We agree with you. We keep a close eye on the weather on travel days, and if it's supposed to be windy or rain somewhere along the way, we stay put. Definitely an advantage to fulltiming!

    1. So glad we waited a day. Made the drive to the western side of IL today and the weather was beautiful.