Saturday, March 30, 2013

The End of the TechnoGeek Learning Rally

Bushnell, FL

Wow! What a great week. Today was the last day of scheduled classes at the TechnoGeek Learning Rally.

Phil made breakfast and then demonstrated how to cook a "proper" English breakfast using a portable induction cook top.

Very impressive demonstration and a very tasty breakfast.  Thanks again Phil!

Quite a few folks had to leave after breakfast finished this morning, but quite a few of us "fulltimers" (who really didn't have to be anywhere else quickly) got together for a potluck dinner tonight in the pavilion.  Another great meal.  Have you noticed that RVers like to eat?

I can't say enough about our week of learning and new friendships.  This was a great "learning rally".  The TechnoGeeks do not have plans yet for a next rally, but when they do I would certainly enjoy attending again if we were in the appropriate part of the country.

The fun just never stops when you're a fulltimer.  Tomorrow we leave for Brunswick, GA (just a 4-hour drive north) to begin a week of fun at the Tiffin RV Network SE Regional Spring Rally. We've attended 3 such rallies, but this will be the first as fulltimers. We are very much looking forward to this rally, as we always have such a great time with this group.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!


  1. You eat well as a full timer huh?- OK, how do I get in on this gig?

  2. Nice that you had a great time at the rally. Now you're smarter than the average phone... ;c)

    Wish we could have met up in Brunswick, we're looking forward to the next visit. Make sure to try Brunswick Stew while you're there!