Thursday, March 28, 2013

Techno Geek Learning Rally

Bushnell, FL

Karen and I have been attending the TechnoGeek Learning Rally all week in Bushnell, FL.  What a great time and what a great chance to learn about many subjects we'd like to become more proficient in.

Last Saturday and Sunday Karen attended a 2-day seminar entitled the Smart Phone Learning Camp. She picked up a lot of valuable information on how to get more out of her smart phone.

Tuesday thru Friday this week we are both attending classes on getting more out of such technologies as digital cameras, GPS devices, RV LED lighting, and the use of devices to enhance tire and towing safety.  Most of these classes have been taught by Phil May of
Phil doing double duty in the kitchen

Classes to instruct us in the greater understanding and use of computers in the areas of Google's Picasa, cloud computing to merge smartphones, tablets, and computers on the Web, Microsoft Moviemaker, and Google's Blogger have been excellent!

 Both Phil May and Chris and Jim Guld's teaching styles make for a
Jim and Chris Guld at Work
very relaxed and open classroom setting.  No one is afraid to ask questions and it seems that all attendees have been very eager to learn.

Each morning we start the day with a catered breakfast and most evenings include a catered dinner.
Breakfast before the start of classes
 We have learned long ago that RVers are never late to a meal!

The weather finally turned nice again today. Temperatures were back in the low 70's and the rest of the week is supposed to be very cooperative.

Let me throw in an advertisement for the TechnoGeek Learning Rally folks here.  If you should ever get a chance to take one of their seminars I can't imagine that it would be possible to leave without learning something (or a lot), and have have a good time in the process.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!

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  1. We've enjoyed the Geeks, they helped us get our blog up and running several years ago. I'm very un-technical with electronic devices and they taught even me how to do a lot of things with Blogger and Picasa. Well worth attending their seminars. :c)