Saturday, March 9, 2013

Red Bay in the Rear View Mirror

Montgomery, AL

Although we completely finished our work at the Tiffin Service Center on Thursday, we decided to stay until today to make certain that our interior water leak problem had been solved.  We are very happy to say that we believe the problem has been repaired.

We also wanted to have our coach washed and waxed prior to leaving, but experience has taught us to wait until just before departure as the service camp area can, and does, get very dusty.  We used Ricky Johnson, an employee of the Tiffin Service Center, as he did a very nice job on our rig last year when we were departing.  Actually, Brandon, a young man who did the actual work (both last year and this year) does a very nice job.  We dropped the coach off at Ricky's residence at 12:30 PM and it was ready for pickup at 5:15 PM.

 We were very pleased with the work.  Since I didn't ask Ricky for permission to enter his information on the blog, anyone who visits the Tiffin Service Center just needs to go in the office and ask for him.  He is in the same office area as Don Boyd (should any of you other Tiffin owners be familiar with him.)

On Friday afternoon while the coach was getting a bath we had lunch with Bill and Kathy at 4th Street Grill and Steakhouse. Although we had gone to dinner a few nights ago, and had lunch together on Friday, I discovered that I had not taken once single picture of them.  I am borrowing what I think is a very nice picture of Bill and Kathy  (and Autumn) from Facebook. We really hope to cross paths with these two in the future.  Love trading stories with you guys!

Finally, let me return to the subject line of today's blog.  We left Red Bay around 10:30 AM this morning and drove about 210 miles to the Gunter Hill COE campground just southwest of Montgomery, AL.  This is the same campground we stayed for a couple of days on our trip to Red Bay several weeks ago.  We really enjoyed the campground, plus we'd like to spend a bit more time exploring the Montgomery area and its' history.

What a change from only a few weeks ago.  The last time we were here, there were maybe 8 rigs in 79 or so campsites.  Today, I think there were about 10 empty spots.  Partially our fault, because fulltimers should try to avoid coming into campgrounds on the weekend.  What the heck was I thinking!  It all worked out well, however, as we are now in a back-in site at the extreme end of the park.  There is no one behind us and it's very quiet.

We will be here for almost two weeks before heading to the Techno Geek Learning Rally  in Bushnell, FL. We'll need a few days to get everything straightened up and organized again after our stint in Red Bay. Also, no more of that getting up early stuff for awhile.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!


  1. Your blog has given us very useful information. We appreciate it!

  2. Feels good to have Red Bay behind you, doesn't it?

    We found Isaac Creek COE empty when we arrived a few days ago, but it has filled up for the weekend. Enjoying relaxing with river views while we wait for the quiet days to resume after tomorrow's check-out deadline has passed.

  3. Finally, your Phaeton is all fixed up and "gooder" than new! Glad to hear your leak is fixed, it must have been hard to hang with people when your washing machine and shower were out of commission.

    Had we been there, we still would have visited with you, we carry a bunch of clothes pins and would have used them... ;c)

    Your MH looks great after that wash/wax job. I almost had to put sunglasses on to look at it on my computer screen!

  4. I'm so glad your Phaeton is fixed up and ready to start moving forward. The Geeks on Tour web site is very informative. I hope to attend one of their rallies one day. Let us know how it turns out. :) Thank you for all the great information :)