Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 7 at Tiffin Service Center

Red Bay, AL

From a weather standpoint, Red Bay was fairly unpleasant today.  It began to rain around 8:00 AM this morning and the temperature dropped throughout the day.  Pretty windy as well.  Because we hadn't heard anything from the service office, at lunch we walked over to check out our current position in line for the replacement of our roof rails.  Not bad, we've moved up to #2 position and Billy (the scheduler) thinks that we might get called in to a bay tomorrow to begin the 2-day process. By now, it was about noon and we had resigned ourselves to getting no further work today.

At 12:45 PM we received "the call" to report to Bay #2.  This was the tech we specifically requested to take a further look for our water leak when we spoke to Billy on Monday.  It took us until 1:10 PM to get all packed up, unhooked from the utilities, and pull the slides in to be able to get over to the bay.  Our tech, Marion, had performed work on our rig two years ago and we specifically asked for him to attempt to locate the water leak.  At first, we went over all of the previous "suspects" to locate the leak without success.  Things were looking bleak!

Shower Connection (paper towel against black
backing wall to check for leaks)
Finally, while running the washer and shower at the same time, Marion began checking the water manifold for the plumbing under the bathroom sink.  A closer look and Marion saw a leaking hot water connection for the shower.  He thinks that the loose connection was allowing a small amount of water to strike the black board (in the photo), run down the wall, and fall onto the carpet.

Looking down the plumbing wall
(Common room carpet circled)
 This small piece of carpet is carried under the bathroom-bedroom wall and is right in the area where the majority of dampness has been found.

I know that I had checked this area for wetness back in Dumfries, (before we retired), but I can only conclude that we I checked we had not taken a shower recently and the visible leaking had dried. Oh well, another item to list to our maintenance list.  Check plumbing connections.

Marion tightened up this connection,  and checked all of the others, and dried up any evidence of moisture under the sink.  Now, with fingers crossed, we will dry out the carpet completely with our electric heater and monitor the area after we take a shower again.  I'm hoping we have this whipped!

Thanks for taking a look!


  1. Yes, fingers crossed over here too for the leak to fixed.

  2. Wow, sure hope this is the leaking gremlin that you've been hunting. It makes sense that the water wicked thru the carpet.

    We hope that's the end of the trouble, we want to see you back on the road not trailing a drip of water. ;c)

  3. Sure hope this was the leak and that all will be taken care of for now. Our night looks like your day, as it's raining, cold, snow mixed and they say it will be very windy tomorrow.

  4. We had a similar leak from behind the showers which got fixed by hand tightening the plastic fittings.

    Hope your problem is solved - where to next after Red Bay?

    1. Heading back to that nice COE cg near Montgomery for a couple of weeks before the TRVN rally in Brunswick, GA.

  5. Adding our crossed fingers to yours for more power! Hope the leak has been plugged.

  6. Wow, that sure looks like the culprit! This is the first place we scrutinized when we found our damp spot, but alas, we just had dust, with no signs of water having ever touched the carpet under the sink. Your carpet looks as if it has repeatedly been wet & dry. Ours… not so much. Add another couple sets of crossed fingers. Thanks again for the reporting.