Monday, August 7, 2017

Down a Creek Without a Paddle

Posted from South Fork, CO
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No, the title of the blog doesn't mean that we're having problems.  In fact, "down the creek" in this sense refers to a very enjoyable time we had recently on the San Juan River through Pagosa Springs, CO.

From the Sky Ute Casino in Ignacio, CO we drove approximately 53 miles to Pagosa Springs, CO. The drive takes about an hour in the car.

After a bit of internet research, we located a company named Pagosa Outside Adventures to rent tubes from, and shuttle us up river. The company is located in the center of town and is within a short walk from the river. After renting a tube, customers board a shuttle van which takes you about a mile up river. You put in with your tube and float (sometimes quickly over the rapids) to a takeout point which is within walking distance of Pagosa Outside's store. You can then jump back on the shuttle and float down the river again as many times as you'd like.  You can select between a 3-hour rental, or a full day rental. We chose the 3-hour rental and were able to make 2 trips down the river during that time.  We could have gotten in a third run, but decided two was enough.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of us tubing down the river, because I currently have no waterproof camera. Here's a picture of tubers coming down the final straightaway before the takeout point.

Here's another one of a group of happy "tubers" going over a small fall. I will have to say that during this tubing adventure, I lost my favorite hiking hat as I overturned coming off of one of the falls near the beginning of the run. I had that hat for at least 6 or 7 years! Karen is happy that it's gone.  I will get another one, however, that looks just as bad.

Here's a picture of Karen and our tubes at the company's parking lot after we finished for the day.

Just past the takeout point is the really nice Springs Resort and Spa. The Resort was pretty busy the day we visited. Pagosa Springs was a very lively little town.  Our visit, although just for the day, was very enjoyable.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!


  1. Sorry you lost your favorite hat but it looks like a fun day, we'll keep that in mind if we end up in Durango next summer.

  2. Hope you find another bad looking hat soon, after all, you have a reputation to uphold... :cD

    1. Not so much a reputation to uphold, but a bald head to protect.