Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wrap Up for the Rabies Incident

Posted from Cedar Key RV Resort, Cedar Key, FL

Hopefully, this will be our last involvement (and it's certainly the last blog) about Karen's rabies shots.

Because we can check our health care insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) online, I reluctantly logged in today to take a look.
Wow.  Two things immediately stood out.  The first was that I still can't believe how expensive this series of shots are and secondly, our insurance company took care of the ENTIRE COST!!!!!!

Here is the EOB with obvious identifying areas blacked out.

Click on Above EOB to Enlarge

To summarize our entire outlay of cash for this procedure:

Paid $20 as a co-pay when we went to the Urgent Care place to get a referral to have the series of shots performed as an outpatient in the hospital's emergency room.
Paid $10 for an oral antibiotic prescription to fight any infection around the bite area.

I still cannot believe the staggering costs associated with this series of rabies shots, but I was extremely happy that our medical insurance company picked up the bill.  We are still under my prior employer's group insurance plan and will continue to have the High Option PPO with Anthem BC/BS as long as we can afford to make the premium payments.  We're still way, way behind when you consider the amount of premiums we've paid thru the years, however.

Thanks for everyone stopping by to take a look and thank you very much for all of the concern shown by our readers toward Karen during this trying time in our early fulltiming adventure.


  1. Nice that everything turned out so well. Drug costs are astronomical, despite the good they do. Some days the stars do align! :c)

  2. Replies
    1. There truly is something wrong with our whole medical system when shots cost this much.

  3. I'm glad it worked out as I remember. I also remember being shocked at the cost of the rabies shots. I remember having a discussion at the time with the public health nurse. I think she said that it doesn't vary with the kind of insurance, that rabies shots are always fully covered. Hopefully neither of us will ever be in a position again where we need to test that. :)

  4. Yes SIGH the drug companies are making a fortune on us all and the doctors and hospitals aren't doing bad either. You should see the bills for cancer treatment. So glad it all worked out well for Karen. Were the shots painful? Seems no good deed or attempted good deed goes unpunished. :-)

    1. Sherry Karen said that they weren't anymore painful than a flu shot into the muscle of the arm. She's glad they're finished, however. :)