Monday, June 22, 2015

Cedar Key RV Resort

Posted from Crystal River, FL
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After leaving Gunter Hill COE near Montgomery, AL we made an overnight stop at Eastbank COE near Bainbridge, GA.  Since we blogged about this campground back in 2013 I'll just include this link if interested.  The next day we arrived at our destination for the coming week near Cedar Key, FL.

I don't usually do blogs just about campgrounds, but I thought I would make an exception because this is a campground we would stay in again if heading back through this area.  The name of the campground is Cedar Key RV Resort, but it is actually in Sumner, FL (just a name on the side of the road) and is actually 7 miles from downtown Cedar Key.  That was fine with us as Rt. 24 is the only road in and out of Cedar Key and was never busy while we were here.

I would imagine that this place is pretty busy in the winter, but this is now "low season" for most of the Florida campgrounds. We paid a total of $227.81 (incl. taxes) with a 1-day credit for Passport America for a 7-night stay.  That's $32.54 per night for FHUs, a concrete pad and concrete patio with picnic table.  The campground was laid out nicely with ample room to stop at registration and un-hook our toad.

The streets are asphalted throughout and the designers thought ahead enough to make the back-ins at an angle. It definitely helps for areas that have narrow streets (unlike this park).

Here's a picture of our rig parked on Site #17. We were originally assigned another site when we made the reservations, but they moved us to this site upon our arrival.  Actually, it worked out much better as the trees really helped out the air conditioners during the day.

As I stated earlier, the sites have FHUs with cable TV. The park was not crowded at all (again, due to the time of year), but the electric was one of the better we've found in awhile.  The water pressure was a bit on the low side, however.  I removed our water pressure regulator, which really wasn't need here, and the water flow was very usable.

The only problem with trees sometimes is that they always seem to be in the exact wrong location to be able to use our roof-mounted satellite antenna.  This place was no exception, but fortunately we were able to use the portable antenna we purchased last year.  Works very nicely in situations like this.

The park had some nice amenities as well. Karen and I are both doing water aerobics whenever we are staying in a park with a pool.  This pool was very clean and we were usually the only ones there.

A multi-use clubhouse was set off to the side of the pool and could be used for many different activities from dinners to watching TV, reading, playing cards, or just getting together in the evenings.  This time of the year there are no planned activities as there just isn't very many folks like us (meaning stupid enough) to brave the hot and humid Florida summers.

This campground served us well as a location from which to visit Cedar Key and enjoy many of the activities in that small laid back seaside town, but that's the subject of a future blog.

Thanks for dropping by to take a look!


  1. Cedar Key is a place I really have enjoyed. Be sure to visit the Low Key Hideaway I think it's called and get a kayak out on the water.

  2. We thought this was a great campground, too. Glad to see our recommendation worked out well for you. We will stay here again (and again). :c)

    1. Although it's really hot and humid this time of year in FL, it makes for getting into the CGs a lot easier.

  3. We stayed at the same place in January and would stay there again. While it was pretty full in Jan, looks like you had few close neighbors.

  4. Great campground; definitely one to Pinterest for future.