Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Last Work Day!

Well the day has finally arrived. 

After 30+ years of being a police officer for the Prince William County Police Department, December 26th was my last day.  A bit of excitement and apprehension.  The area received our first bit of snow/rain mix throughout the day and it put somewhat of a damper on my last day.

I spent the morning in court (hopefully from only the prosecution side) as I have done many, many times throughout the years.

The afternoon was spent turning in final gear and checking out.  I thought we had accumulated a lot of stuff in our house throughout the years, but I certainly had a bunch of gear that I had gathered and it all needed to be turned back in.  I knew I was getting close to the end when they took my police ID cards, took a new photo of me, and the new ID card read "Retired".

Back to the station to turn in the car, exchange final pleasantries with a few members of my squad, and make a call to Karen to come pick up "civilian" Steve.

Now to begin our new life as true Fulltime RVers!
We hop on a plane on Thursday evening out of Richmond, VA and head to SD to obtain new driver's licenses and to title and register the MH and Honda Fit.  We'll fly back on Saturday evening, watch the Redskins BEAT those Dallas Cowboys on Sunday evening, then head to FL on Monday.  Wow, I sure hope this fulltiming life slows down a bit or I might return to work to get some rest.


  1. You made it! Glad to see the day finally came and your new life has started...apparently in high gear. :c)

    Have a great flight to your new "home" and dress warm. They have real winter out there.

    PS: Go Skins!

  2. Don't worry Steve - you'll get used to the pace and believe me, it grows on you. Congratulations on your retirement from the police force. Hope your trip to SD is quick and uneventful. We'll be in FL until April so we should keep in touch and get together!

  3. Congratulations on your retirement from the force, Steve. Safe travels to SD -- may the weather cooperate with your plans.