Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bikes in the Honda Fit

One of the reasons we decided upon the Fit as a toad was because of the generous amount of interior storage space.  The rear seats can fold down entirely flat and the area behind the front seats is unobstructed. We like to ride bikes, but transporting them without exposing them to the elements and possible theft takes a bit of thought.

We have decided to take a pair of true road bikes for longer rides on asphalt surfaces and a pair of folding bikes to be used around the campgrounds and on less than smooth riding surfaces. The challenge was in how to transport them.

We really didn't like the thought of the road bikes being exposed to the weather as we travel down the highways, so we decided that these would be carried inside the Fit.  Although I'm still considering a couple of alternatives, the folding bikes will be carried on a hit mounted to the rear of the Fit.  Because the Fit has a very low towing capacity, only 1 1/4" receivers are routinely encountered.  I'm looking at a hitch made by Curt and a similar one made by Drawtite.  In the end it will probably come down to which one is easier to install.

  Back to the topic of today.  An inside carrier for the road bikes.  I did not think of this idea on my own, but have seen several variations on the internet.  I finally chose a pair of front fork carriers made by Delta and

Delta Front Fork  Mount

 installed them on a piece of plywood.  After trying to fit the bikes inside the compartment in various configurations I decided to mount the rear tires forward and angle both handlebars to make certain that no contact occurred with the rear glass.

Rear Tires Behind Front Seats

I constructed a PVC spacer which I placed between the rear bike racks, then will use a lightweight tie down in opposing directions connected to the rear seat hooks (not being used with the seats in the down position).

Fork Mounts Secured to Plywood
Forks Turned to Prevent Rear Glass Contact

A test of the mounted bikes proved successful.  I am very happy with this project.

Should you have any questions or more additional details, just leave a comment or drop me an email.


  1. Ok, I know all about this one, as I watched it being done. I've also just read the other two. Maybe my sister Carol would enjoy this, why don't you send her the address? Goodnight.

  2. I watched you put this all together today. And I have just read all your Blog now.

  3. Nice! Quite ingenious...just amazing how much room the Fit has inside for a little car. You have chosen wisely. :c)