Wednesday, December 5, 2012

January in Red Bay, AL?

Well, we hope it won't be all, or even most, of January, but it appears that our first destination as Fulltimers will be to the Tiffin Service Center in Red Bay, AL instead of the beaches of Panama City Beach, FL.

Unfortunately, we really don't have much of a choice in this matter.  We have an interior plumbing leak somewhere inside the bedroom area of the rig which we have still been unable to narrow down and locate. Water leaks are something we take seriously as only bad things can occur if a leak isn't addressed as soon as possible.  Believe me, we would MUCH rather be heading to Panama City Beach!

On a positive note, however, we'll finally be fulltiming and we really have no where which we have to be for several months.

Not a whole lot of new things happen to us currently as we're just biding our time in a local campground until we leave the area (and the work life) near the end of December.

We decided that the Honda Fit would serve our needs best as a toad vehicle behind the motorhome, so in June of this year we purchased the Fit.  When we were in Red Bay last February we had a gentleman named Brannon Hutcheson (Custom RV, Inc.) install the SMI Air Force 1 supplemental braking system on the coach.  After reading thru all of the instructions I thought it would be a cinch for me to install the AF1 equipment in the Fit. didn't turn out to be as easy as I'd hoped.  The Fit's engine compartment is very tight and instead of me doing some damage in there I've decided to let Brannon handle the install when we return to the Red Bay area.  He has done other work on our coach and does excellent work for reasonable prices.

Up until recently, I had used wireless tow lights placed on the rear of the Fit.  I only went this route because our previous toad was a Honda Accord and we didn't want any type of permanent installation on that vehicle because we knew we would be looking shortly at the Fit.  I finally got around to installing a very nice setup from a company called Tow Daddy.  Their kit allows you to "T" into the rear tail lights with OEM connectors and then route the typical 4-wire harness to the front of the vehicle where a standard plug-in cable is used to receive lighting power from the motorhome.  I was very satisfied with the ease of installation and the very complete kit as supplied by Tow Daddy.

Still working at this point, so it's time to hit the rack for tonight.

I promise you that we'll have more exciting adventures to discuss in the future.  

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  1. That's a bummer that the leak has given you so much trouble. They are hard to track down, hopefully before you head to Red Bay, you can find and fix the problem.

    At least Alabama is better than VA in January. Keeping fingers crossed that Tiffin finds you problem fast so you can slide over to FL quickly.

    You're almost there, hang tough! Hope to see you soon.