Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Gathering of Friends

Karen finished her last day at work today after 34.5 years in the dental field. She will have a separate post on this tomorrow.

Tonight Karen and I attended a retirement dinner put on by my current squad for me.  Attendees included my current co-workers and several fellow officers I had worked with in the past, along with my current Lt. and Captain.  A very nice time was had by everyone.  The food at Giorgios Family Restaurant near Montlair, VA was very good and the company was even better.

My official last work day will be next Wednesday, but that day will be used to turn in equipment and perform a myriad of final check outs. I'm sure that the first few weeks after leaving my old job of 30+ years will be a bit different, but we are really looking forward to this new adventure ahead.

We will be flying to South Dakota next week to obtain our driver's licenses and to register the motorhome and Honda Fit.  We know it will be cold out there, but really want to get all of these details taken care of before the end of the calendar year.  We will be heading to Panama City Beach, FL for the month of January.  We have what seems like a million things to finalize before we pull away from here on December 30th.  We hope to be in Panama City Beach on January 1, 2013.


  1. It is a beautiful Rig!!!!!!!!!! May the fix on the water leak be quick for the idea of a water bed would be soggy.
    I said something wasn't working on my rig at chapter campout and three guys with tools in hand came,they had a ball finding out how my rig works. I wish I could have taken a picture of the guy laying flat on the floor with his head in area under my closet looking for water lines....

  2. Congratulations! Looks like the way to go to me.

  3. How nice to have a great send off with good friends. Hope the last few days go smoothly.

    Good luck on your trip to South Dakota. After you get all your paperwork done, you'll be our "neighbors". ;c)

  4. Congratulations on your last day Karen; soon we will be saying the same thing for Steve. We were so ready for retirement that we took to "no work" days like a duck takes to water ;-) I think you'll find the transition really smooth ... but a warning ... these retirement days just fly by way too fast.