Wednesday, May 6, 2015

FREE is Good!

Posted from Springhill COE CG at Barling, AR

We're currently on a slow eastward trek after leaving Las Vegas last Thursday.  We only have a couple of planned stops to see relatives and a few attractions.  Nothing really set in stone.

When we're between actual destinations we generally stay for a lot of one nighters while on the road.  During these stops we're not interested in seeking out campgrounds with full amenities which we aren't going to get the chance to use anyway, so we take advantage of a lot of Passport America campgrounds.

On our current journey we found a place even cheaper than Passport America, however, thanks to Bill and Chris Osborne's suggestion. Thanks guys.  It worked out really well.

We were going to be heading east through the Oklahoma City area anyway, so the Osborne's gave us the name of Lucky Star Casino as a place to stay for FREE.

Lucky Star has several casinos in this area, but we stayed in the one near Concho, OK.  Take the exit for El Reno, OK just west of Oklahoma City. It was an easy drive off the interstate and entrance and exit from the casino was equally as easy.

The RV area is nothing fancy at all, but it's FREE.  There are approximately 10 sites on the far eastern edge of the parking lot. Just pull in, select a site, and go inside and register with the security office just to the right as you enter the casino.  They really don't care (or didn't ask) how long you're intending to stay.

We were actually the only folks actively staying on their property during the three nights we were there.  A couple of other rigs, but we never saw anyone around them.

Did I mention FREE?  Well it did cost us $14.85 over the three day stretch in which we played the slot machines in the casino.  Actually, we had a pretty good time inside as the casino gives each person $10 in free slot play just for obtaining a player's card, then those over-55 got another $10 in slot play on Sunday.  Males get additional free slot play on Mondays and females on Thursdays.

The stay allowed us a chance to visit one of the area attractions. (More on that in another blog.) In summary, we stayed for three nights in a spot with FHUs (very good electric, BTW) all for the casino losses of $14.85.  Maybe not totally FREE, but darn close.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!


  1. Hard to beat that price and casino fun for less than $15. I will store this away.

    1. It's all about money management. We set a daily limit and when we hit that, we're finished for the day.

    2. It's all about money management. We set a daily limit and when we hit that, we're finished for the day.

  2. I never gamble in casinos, too busy visiting their buffets! ;c)

  3. Sounds like quite a deal. Wish we'd known about it on our way through. But we do now thanks to you!

    1. Sherry you are most welcome. That's just another reason I read a lot of fellow traveler's blogs. I almost always take away something I didn't know, or information about a place I have yet to visit.

  4. Steve,

    I don't think you tried very hard. I know you could have lost more money than that, especially since the casinos make it so easy!!

    I guess we have to congratulate you on your personal discipline. Keep having fun.