Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why Red Bay, AL?

Posted from Huntsville, AL   (Click on Pics to Enlarge)

Why indeed. 
Red Bay, AL is the home of Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc.  We had several reasons for dropping by our motorhome's "birthplace" on our way back east.  I am happy to say that we had NO service related things to take care of at the Tiffin Service Center.  We used to plan our trips to Red Bay to arrive during the off season, but I'm not too sure that there is any off season anymore.

Several new camping spots are opening around town to facilitate people who wish to come to Red Bay for service and warranty work at the Tiffin Service Center, aftermarket modifications,  or simply to visit the Tiffin Factory. We stayed for the first time at the Red Bay Downtown RV Park.  Only 10 spaces, but FHUs, and all of the rigs are parked on concrete from an old storage building.  Much cleaner than over at the Tiffin Service Center lot.

While here, we were happy to meet up with some old Tiffin friends Marty and Bob. We first met them several years ago at a Tiffin RV Network Rally.  We also met new friends Kathy and Wayne. It was a great time seeing old friends and getting to know new ones.

We've always had our coach's annual maintenance performed by Bay Diesel while in Red Bay.  I use them because they charge a fair price, do all of the work requested in a timely and professional manner, and most importantly, allow me to be inside the bay watching them work and asking any questions I might have.

Although we've toured the Tiffin factory every year when we make our annual pilgrimage, we still enjoy seeing the new rigs and the design changes.  Here's one of the first year Tiffin motorhomes on display.

I still enjoy watching the "line" moving along and the parts being assembled.

About a year ago we had an irresponsible person allow a shopping cart to strike the rear of our Honda Fit causing a pretty good sized dent.  By now, the paint was starting to peal.  I remembered that Custom Paint and Auto Body (owned by Bruce Deaton) came highly recommended by folks who had needed body and paint work on their motorhomes.  Since his shop was only a block away from the campground I decided to see what he could do.  He "squeezed" me in among motorhomes he was working on and completed the job in one day.  The price was good and his work was excellent.
"Before"                and                  "After"

Here's a shameless plug for Bruce Deaton should you need work done while in Red Bay.

For those familiar with Brannon Hutcheson's after market modifications and upgrades (especially on Tiffin coaches, but also on other brands), you already know about his shop in Vina, AL.

Brannon has added a new parts store to his business.  The store is located in a new, separate building beside his shop.  Although not officially opened yet, the store is well stocked and has a nice assortment of items from which to select.

Our trip wasn't about only motorhomes and service work, however.  Karen and I finally decided to visit the Red Bay Museum.

The museum is only open on Tuesday and Thursdays, but includes a nice assortment of memorabilia from the local area and from the folks who make Red Bay their homes.

Tammy Wynette was actually born in a small town in nearby Mississippi, but calls Red Bay home.  As such, a large portion of the museum's upstairs collection is devoted to her.

Another reason we came thru Red Bay was to meet up with friends Paul and Laura who purchased a 2014 Allegro Bus this past December and are at the Service Center for warranty work. We have "wintered over" in Casa Grande, AZ for the past two seasons together.  Finding diversions and new eating establishments is always important when you have to be in an area for a lengthy stay.  One afternoon we tried out a new ice cream place in town called Sno Biz. Will return again.

Another evening it was time to try out a pizza place in nearby Belmont, MS which neither of us had previously sampled.  It was called Hometown Pizza.

Here's the happy couples just before the arrival of our meals.  We were all in agreement that the pizza met our approval.  Notice the lovely wall decoration behind the table.

Of course, after pizza we had to locate an ice cream place.  A bit further into Belmont was a small roadside stand called Cardinal Shack.  No seating here, just walk up and order!  The ice cream was very good.

Paul and Laura we certainly enjoyed our time with you (and Riley, of course).  Here's hoping for a speedy departure from the Service Center for you and a speedy recovery for Riley.

Well, as much as we enjoyed meeting up with old friends and making new ones, it was time to move on down the road.  We left Red Bay on Monday and traveled a short distance to Huntsville, AL to visit a few of the sights here and for Karen to visit with a past co-worker.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!


  1. It was great connecting with you two again in Red Bay and we hope to see you down the road. If you are ever in the Bushnell, FL area we will find a place for you at Florida Grande. .

  2. We would give Bruce Deaton two thumbs up for the work he did on the Phaeton in 2013 -- some chips and dings from the road. Was planning to go to RB this year for maintenance and other stuff on our list, but got quite a bit of it done without having to make the trek from here.

  3. I have to check out Bruce Denton, I have some spots on the top of my front cap that are beginning to peal from the sun beating on it. Since he had no problem working on your Honda, he should be able to work on our Winnebago... ;c)

    1. Paul it's Bruce Deaton. Actually, most of his work now is on MHs. I think he had an opening in his schedule while waiting for a MH guy to show up and was able to work us in.
      I would call ahead because he can get stacked up with work.

  4. Always like to see hat you've been doing.

  5. They've sure come a long way since that first one, Mine's headed in to Freightliner for chassis service soon.