Thursday, August 8, 2013

Onward to Oregon

La Grande, OR                (Click on Pictures to Enlarge)

We haven't posted for a few days because we really didn't do a whole lot.  For anyone who follows our blog, the blisters have healed and we're ready for adventure again.

We left Island Park, ID on Monday and realized that we had been there for 3 weeks. That's the second longest amount of time we've stayed in one place since we began FTing back in January.

Our latest destination was La Grande, OR a distance of approximately 538 miles, but since we don't drive long days anymore (that's for you Paul) we decided to overnight in a Walmart lot in Jerome, ID.  Not too bad, but Karen still doesn't sleep too well in Walmart lots.  (I had no trouble, however.)

The next day we arrived at Eagles Hot Lake RV Park just south of La Grande, OR. We'll be here for a week, but nothing really planned.  Just doing some housekeeping and "catching up" kind of things.

The park is out by itself, but very comfortable.  There's mountains surrounding us on two sides.

All of the sites are very long and there is plenty of room between sites.

It's one of the least crowded campgrounds we've stayed in for quite awhile.  Very peaceful and only a single train track in the far distance.

While walking around the campground tonight, we observed an osprey nest on a high pole near the end of the campground.  A fellow camper told us that the mother has been up there with her two babies, but that they have yet to leave the nest. This "hopping" action is about all they've managed so far.

Well, the end of our second day and we really haven't accomplished too much.  It's great! A note to Mui of the blog 2 to Travel Phaeton, I finally made to the hardware store and found a plunger for your wet bay sewer hose "adapter".  I'll install that tomorrow.

That's about it for the past few days.

That's for stopping by to take a look!


  1. Sometimes the best days are hanging around camp getting caught up on little projects or just watching the shade move :-)

  2. I really like the long awning on your coach, especially with the addition of the sun shade. Ours is only the length of the slide out.

    1. The awning extension works great at this CG. The sun sets on our PS and the awning extension works well to make sitting outside a nice experience.

  3. Being in a campground out there by itself is great for chilling. Mui says the install shouldn't take you more than a few minutes, so you can quickly get back to relaxing. Isn't the awning curtain great? We've made great use of it at Lake G.

  4. We've been sitting so long I'd love to do 538 miles in our motorhome in a day. Need to blow out the cobwebs and get the flat spots out of our wheels.

    Funny Karen doesn't sleep too well in a Walmart parking lot, the same goes for Marti. She's too busy shopping to sleep! :cD

  5. Where did you get the awning/shade? Looks very nice. How do you secure it incase the wind comes up? Looks like a good camp site!

    1. Randy, we had these made by Rod and Marsha Shultz (former camp hosts at Red Bay). They can ship it to you once it is constructed. We secure the lower portion to the ground with bungee cords hooked through grommets on the bottom, and then attached to stakes in the ground.

      Here is the contact info: If I recall correctly, the cost was about $175 for the entire thing (plus shipping). The nice part is that the shorter section at the top can remain attached to the awning, and rolls up with the awning with no problem. We have the lower section attached to the upper section with "s" hooks.