Thursday, April 11, 2013

8 Days in a County Park?

Melbourne, FL

Are we really staying for 8 days in a county park in which we had no previous knowledge?  Yes, and we are loving it!  We are currently staying in Wickham Park, Melbourne, FL. This park is part of the Brevard County Park system. I haven't been to any of their other parks, but if this one is indicative of others, then I would give them a big thumbs up.

This park is pretty large for a county park and is truly a multi-use park. There is an equestrian show ring and

walking ring, along with several rows of stables.
One of the Horse Stables

Workout Area

The paved road throughout the park winds its' way through large pines, palms, around several ponds, and is
perfect for walking, running, or bicycling.  There are several gravel trails which branch off of the pavement for further hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding.

The park is loaded with activities.  There is a disc golf course.  A very large enclosed dog park.
Swimming allowed in one of the larger ponds.  Volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, children's playgrounds, and even a small amphitheater for outdoor concerts and events.

Going in after another GeoCache

Since I usually check for GeoCaches when I arrive in a new area, I was amazed to find out that there are probably 35-40 GeoCaches within the boundaries of the park.  We haven't found all of them yet, but we're trying to find a few every day. Karen isn't usually too eager to go into heavy underbrush areas down here in FL.

All of this, but I haven't even spoken about the campground yet.  There are now approximately 130 camping sites for both self-contained units and some for tenting.  Almost all are FHU sites.  The pedestals have 20, 30, and 50 amp electrical connections.  All of the utilities worked well.
 Although many of the sites are located under towering pine and palm trees, we chose a site out in the open to make certain that access to a clear sky for satellite reception would be possible.  No cable here.

If you're thinking that it sounds as though we like this park, you'd be correct.  It's very relaxing here and a great place to just get out and walk around.

Thanks for dropping by to take a look!


  1. This looks like a nice park to stay in for awhile, are you all by yourself? Enjoy yourselves.

    1. No, actually there are other folks, but it isn't crowded at all. We have only two other folks to our left side, but the closest is probably 100 yards away. I'll try and include some pics of the campground tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for the info on the park. I've heard about it, but never seen it. It's always good to hear about nice campgrounds.

    Another nice county cg is in St Pete Florida. It's called Fort Desoto. (If you ever get on the gulf coast)

    1. Thanks for the info. We like to maintain a list of nice places to stay throughout the country.

  3. Who'd a thunk a county park could have such great amenities? Congrats on a great find and a great stay. But then, that's why you fulltime, right?

    I'm with Karen on not being too crazy about going into the bush, who knows, you might run into Big Foot! :cO

  4. Sounds like you hit the jackpot with that park!