Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Home for January

We finally arrived at our January destination in Panama City Beach, FL at the Emerald Coast RV Beach Resort.

It rained pretty much the entire trip from Jacksonville to Panama City Beach.  We were very glad to finally arrive to settle down for the next month.  The car and MH were a mess from the rain and road grime.

We've found that most CGs won't allow the washing of cars and RVs, but this one allows the washing of cars and trucks for $1 and RVs for $3.  Since I believe that I can do a better job than the local car wash, the Fit got a bath today.

I guess we've hit the high temperature for today (only 57 degrees), but that's still better than the cold of Virginia.  We got a chance to take a stroll around the campground and take a look at a few of the amenities.
One of several laundries

Our Site #6

One of the heated pools

Pet Wash
             .....and Paul here's one especially for you.  This alone would make your trip worthwhile.

The staff and neighbors we've spoken with all seem very friendly.  I'm thinking that we might come to like this new Fulltiming lifestyle!


  1. Beautiful place!! Is Willey going into the pet wash?

  2. I think you should have tried something a little farther south than the upper panhandle. Cedar Key FL comes to mind or Corpus Cristy in TX.

    The Panhandle can be cold in Jan
    Good luck on your adventure.

    1. Mike, I think you are correct. There have been a few chilly nights here, but nothing like the temps. we were beginning to get when we left VA. Don't forget, we're "rookie" FTers at this point.

    2. We learned that not all of Florida is warm too, our 1st year full timing we stayed in Crystal River where it still froze. This year it's Miami & Naples... we're still wearing shorts & flip flops & the AC is still running by day!

  3. Be still my heart! A hot tub! And I thought I'd have to use the pet wash station. ;c)

    You certainly found a great place, quite a change from Travel Trailer Village. Being able to wash your RV, almost heaven!

    1. Paul, I knew you'd like that.
      Just an FYI. I changed the setting you spoke about in your email. Should make it easier now.

  4. Cold is relative when you come down from the north, isn't it? We'll probably look for places a little warmer next year, but this year our plans are driven by Red Bay in February ... woke up to sunshine this morning.

  5. Looks like a nice place. Whoa - hot tub. Where's the picture of you guys in it?

  6. It is kind of funny, we know some retired geezers that live in Panama City and they always go to the Keys for Jan. He is DOD so you should be able to get in there also.

    It is kind of difficult to post a comment, the 2nd secret word is pretty dark.


    1. Mike I have removed the need to enter those coded words when making comments. I hate them also.