Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Friends, New Adventures

Panama City Beach, FL

Seems as though we're finally getting into the swing of things here at our current "home" (at least for the next 3 weeks). On Thursday night a group of approximately 25 from the campground went out for dinner at a nearby themed restaurant.

Real motorcycles used at the bar (photo courtesy of The Wicked
Wheel website)
 I say themed because the restaurant named The Wicked Wheel uses real motorcycles, older cars, and accessories to "decorate" the interior.

1923 Ford T-Bucket
 I'm not really into motorcycles, but the place was pretty interesting to look at.  Better yet, the food was good, and the service excellent. Karen, who is not a big seafood eater, had catfish (hey they come out of water, too) and I had a chicken Philly sandwich. I have eaten Philly steak sandwiches before, but it was a first for me to have a chicken filled one.  Very tasty.

Today we got a chance to visit St. Andrews State Park. It is located on the eastern end of the island from Panama City Beach.

We rode our fold-up bikes on the paved roads and did a bit of GeoCaching on a few of the trails in the park.

We were looking for one of the GeoCaches off a trail near Gator Lake and had hoped to spot a gator or two, but this was about as close as we got to a gator sighting today.

The State Park also has a very nice campground containing 176 sites with water and electric hookups.  There is a dump station and several bath houses in the campground.  We saw everything in smaller sites from tents to 40' motorhomes in some of the larger sites.  The weather was gorgeous with a high of 70 degrees and very low humidity.  A perfect day for riding and walking through the park.

There is an area for the little ones to swim and play in the water called the Kiddie Pool.  It's actually the shallow area between the West Jetty and the beach adjacent to the Grand Lagoon which leads into the Gulf of Mexico.

Relatively new fishing pier
The water was definitely too cold for swimming at this time of the year (without some type of dry suit), but we did relax for a bit on the beach.  The sand is so white and sugary soft in this part of the state.

Soft white sand and turquoise water

                                                    Hey, just another day in paradise!

                                                            Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


  1. That's some gorgeous white sand ... a nice setting to enjoy on what looks like a lovely day.

    Thanks for the tip/pictures of the campground; and the restaurant. I pinned both for future reference.

  2. Looks like you are having a great time & enjoying yourselves. Right now we are dry camping in Quartzsite, AZ at the big RV show here.....only it is raining. It ends tom & then I have 2 presentations to do for SkyMed next weekend....just down the road from here. We head toward Red Bay at the end of Feb for our March 8 th appt. Hope to hang out east for a while when finished. Hope to see you down the road. :-)

  3. That's quite a way to park your T-bucket, but then it didn't look like there was much parking space inside the eatery.

    Looks like you're getting a bit of a tan on your legs. Warm temps and plenty of susnshine will do that to you. Glad you're having fun, your escape from Virginia is paying off! ;c)