Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blogs and Friends

One of the nicest things about fulltime RVing is making new friends.  Often, we are introduced to our new friends through their blogs.  Interestingly, many of our new RV friends are from our old home state of Virginia.

We first met Pam and Randy Warner at Life on Wheels, an educational RV program taught at several locations throughout the country.  They were looking for a motorhome at about the same time we were, and we would run into them at local RV shows. They were able to find a gently used Allegro Bus and leave Virginia to live in their RV fulltime in 2009.(We were sooooo envious!)  They have an interesting blog  The Roadrunner Chronicles. We continue to see them on occasion in our travels.

In reading other RVers' blogs, I happened to stumble upon Paul and Marti Dahl's blog, RSanityRVTravels.  They were preparing for fulltime RV living, and we enjoyed following them in their joys and trials of selling their sticks and bricks home, and hitting the road in December of 2011.  We keep in touch with them while on the road, and they were even kind enough to alter their travel plans a bit last Fall so that they could meet up with us at a rally in Arkansas, as they were staying not too far away in Branson.  It's nice that as fulltimers, our plans are "written in jello" (or,as Paul would say, we can be "semper gumby".....always flexible!) and can easily be changed.

Yesterday, we had the distinct pleasure of meeting with Erin and Mui for lunch.  They have an interesting blog filled with lots of info and Erin's beautiful photography: 2toTravelPhaeton.  They left Virginia as fulltime RVers a month before we did, and we were glad we could meet them in person.  Our campground in Panama City Beach is about 2 hours away from where they are staying near Pensacola, and we drove to Gulf Breeze, Florida for a wonderful lunch at Niki's Restaurant.  The food was very good, and the conversation even better, and over two hours had passed in the blink of an eye.  We look forward to keeping up with their travel adventures as well, and to meeting up again with them in the future.

Sorry, Erin, we truly didn't copy your blog picture.

On the way home from lunch, we stopped at Camping World in Gulf Breeze.  We were looking specifically to replace our heavier camping chairs with folding aluminum-framed ones, but did not find anything that we really liked.  We also looked at cleaning supplies there, but our only purchase was a new 2013 campground directory.  We stopped at Publix grocery store (waaaayyyy overpriced!) for a few items, and then came back to the coach for the night.

The weather is definitely changing.  When we left Panama City Beach yesterday morning to meet up with Erin and Mui, it was sunny and 73 degrees.  We passed through a rain storm on the drive to Gulf Breeze, indicative of the front that was coming through the area.  By the time we got to the restaurant, it was raining and 58!  Once we got home last evening, the temperature continued to drop, and the rain began.  We see that Virginia is due to get a little snow today.......we sure don't miss that! :-)

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  1. You escaped Virginia in the nick of time. We've found a great part of our RV life is meeting other blogger friends. Lots of great folks out there. It's fun to meet them and talk "RV".

    Love your header photo, there's no place like "home"! :c)

  2. It's great you can actually meet some full-timer comrades in person. BTW- It's currently 42 degrees here in VA (chances of snow are now later and diminishing). I noticed that Accuweather link in your blog shows the current temp in Panama City is only 47- BRRRRR!!

  3. Steve it went from 75 degrees yesterday to a current temp. of 46 degrees today (noon), plus we have the added benefit of it being VERY windy right now. It's tough on us "old" FL people.

  4. soon you will have friends in every state! nice to put a face to the blog writing!

  5. We did have fun didn't we ... I am surprised that Niki's didn't charge us rent ;-) It was 39F when we left Ft P yesterday ... and 37 when we got up to Montgomery. At least Iago passed to the north of here, so no snow for us ... that's a good thing.

  6. Wow! How nice of you to mention us! LOW conference seems like sooo long ago. When do we get to see you next? How long will you be in Panama City? Where to after that?