Saturday, May 12, 2018

We're Still Alive-On the Road Again in 2018

Posted from Hurricane, UT

Well, it's been a long time since our last blog post. September 29, 2017 to be precise.

We wintered over at Palm Creek Golf and RV again in Casa Grande, AZ for the 5th winter. Both of us did some work camping, actually Karen did a lot more than me. She worked as a gate attendant on the back gate to the property.  I worked as a "Ranger", or glorified parking attendant, from December to mid-April.
We still had plenty of time to engage in activities we like such as water aerobics and pickleball (for Karen), and a lot of pickleball for me.

We were due to originally leave for our summer travels on April 26th, but that date got pushed back by a few weeks when Karen needed a retinal procedure (retinal photocoagulation) to repair a tiny hole in the retina of her left eye.  All seems to be going well after the procedure and the surgeon indicated that everything looked good for her.

We've stopped in Hurricane, UT for a few weeks to begin our summer travels.  We stayed at the same park in 2017 (Willow Wind RV Park) and intend to visit some of the sights we missed last year. It's already a lot cooler here than when we left Casa Grande.  We survived several days of 104 and 105 degree days toward the end of our stay in Casa Grande. As I write this blog, it's 71 degrees today in Hurricane.  Highs are expected to get into the mid-80s in the coming weeks.  I can certainly handle that.

No pictures in today's blog, just an update on our current location.  This summer's plans will take us up into Utah, Oregon, and Washington before working our way back to Casa Grande by traveling thru parts of California and Nevada.

It actually felt pretty good driving the rig again after sitting still for so long. That was until it came time to re-fuel.  I foresee some pretty hefty fuel bills in this summer's plans.

I'm going to make an attempt to post more frequently as we travel, but I can't make any promises on that one. 

Thanks for stopping by to take a long overdue look again!


  1. Glad to be reading of your travels again! Great update and looking for to more of the same!

  2. Sounds like you guys will be traveling about the same areas as us this summer in a reverse route. Maybe we will bump into each other along the way. Have fun!!

    1. Hey that would be cool, but you'll be way ahead of me in PB, with all of the playing you're doing.

  3. Safe travels! -- stop by as we begin our travels again later this summer..

  4. Happy trails. I thought I would do better posting while on the road ... hah! Already a week behind.

    1. Trust me, I know. It seems very easy to get behind. Especially when taking a lot of pictures which need to be edited.