Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Stepping Back From Hiking For A Few Days

Posted near Hurricane, UT

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We've only taken one short hike since leaving Palm Creek this summer, but an injury has reared its' ugly head. After the first hike Karen came up "lame" with a blister on her foot.  Very odd because the shoes are broken in and gave her no problems last hiking season. Oh well, we decided to take it slowly for a few days to enable her to get back into full action again.

Trailhead near Roadside Parking
So....after a few days of sitting around, we "taped up her foot" and decided to try a short hike. On Sunday we found a short 2-miler near where we're staying in Hurricane, UT.  It's called the West Cinder Cone Trail.

It was a beautiful day for a short hike. This area had a lot of volcanic activity years ago. The trail today leads us up to the top of one of the cinder cones.

Although not a strenuous hike, the "3 Amigos" still required a break along the trail.

Once near the top of the cinder cone, the views were excellent. We are looking somewhat northeast in this picture.

Karen finished the hike without pain and seems to be getting better, so hopefully, more hiking will be in the plans in the near future.

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