Monday, May 14, 2018

Chose an Easy One to Begin the Summer Season

Posted from Hurricane, UT

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We hadn't done any serious hiking for the past eight months, so we decided to look for an easy hike to get us going again for the upcoming 2018 summer season.

I subscribe to a hiking website named AllTrails. We've found it to be a great resource for locating hiking trails in unfamiliar areas (which are almost all of them) when we travel. You can search for hikes based upon varying degrees of difficult and lengths.  We chose an "Easy" hike for today.

The trail was named Quail Creek Trail. It was located only 10 minutes from our campground here in Hurricane, UT. The trail was only 3.6 miles out-and-back and basically followed the highway along the reservoir.  The trail is also a mountain biking trail which was originally constructed as an Eagle Scout project.

There were several spots along the trail which provided great views of the reservoir.

I mentioned above that the trail was constructed as an Eagle Scout project. Here's Karen walking across a bridge with the Scout's name on a commemorative plaque.

There's usually a bit of wind in this area, and today was no exception. The wind and rain create some beautiful sculptures in the rock formations.

Here's another "neat" rock formation with Paul and friends taking a break from the hike.

We try and do some Geocaching from time to time during our hikes and found that there were a few listed near this trail. The first "find" of the 2018 season for us.

Will close this blog out with the obligatory selfie. Well, technically, I guess it isn't a selfie if the camera is at a distance positioned on a tripod.  Oh well, you get the idea.

Thanks for dropping by to take a look!


  1. You guys look great in that last picture. All that pickle ball pays off, eh? :cD

  2. Looking good ... an easy hike is a good way to start ... you had plenty to enjoy along the way.

  3. Love the Alltrails app, use it all the time. Seems like almost everyone we know is heading to the NW, safe travels.

    1. Yes, we like the ability to view what's available in our immediate area. Plus the reviews and photos of the trails give us an idea of what to expect.