Friday, October 11, 2013

Southern California at the SKP Co-Op Park JoJoba Hills

Aguanga, CA

Wednesday we left the central California area and headed south 335 miles to arrive at the SKP Co-Op JoJoba Hills in Aguanga, CA. The length of the drive wasn't too bad, but it's been a bit since we've driven in "big city" traffic. Getting around the Los Angelos area reminds me a lot of the Washington, DC area, but perhaps the drivers are even more aggressive (if that's possible).

We use Pilot/FlyingJ stations a lot when we travel and the California stations have been the most expensive we've seen in our first year of traveling across the United States.  Several stations had diesel for $4.17 per gallon (before our .08 cent) discount.  Hey, what can you do?

This SKP Co-Op is closer to a true RV "resort" than any we've visited thus far.  It also happens to have the highest buy-in and maintenance costs of any.  I guess you have to pay if you want to play. Our site is along the perimeter of the park and is slightly angled vs. being rectangular.  Very easy to park the rig. The site is large enough to easily park vehicles on both sides of our MH and still have space.

Being on the perimeter we have an unobstructed view of the surrounding mountains and high desert. Here's our view out the front windshield.

The sites are arranged so that they are not in the typical "cookie cutter" side-by-side pattern common to many parks.  The members have a lot of freedom to landscape and personalize their sites.

The park has many common areas scattered throughout the park.  This is one of six man made ponds around the park. Water makes for a welcome relief as the surrounding area is pretty dry and brown this time of year.

This area is just inside the front entrance gate and shows some of the typical plants in this part of the country. This is all very new to us "easterners".

The amenities are many here at JoJoba Hills Park. Most are centered around the building known as Friendship Hall.  It is extremely well maintained and the members of the park are rightfully proud of it.

Some of the amenities inside Friendship Hall include: the craft room, the sewing room, the kitchen, and the main meeting/dining area.
Another part of the complex holds the exercise room, the billiard room, the well-stocked library (including VHS and DVDs), and an outdoor dining area on the patio.

The outdoor areas at Friendship Hall also include one of the cleanest pools I've seen in quite awhile. The pool is heated to 85 degrees year round.

For Paul Dahl, I had to include a picture of one of the two hot tubs for use.  All of the amenities are available to be used by members and guests alike.
After the first afternoon of rain on Wednesday (which has been pretty rare in this area), the remainder of our stay is supposed to include nice weather every day.  We're looking forward to it!
Just a nice sunny evening as the sun goes down beside the nearby mountain range.
Thanks for stopping by to take a look!


  1. My but this seems to be a pretty place too. Can you become a member and how long can you stay there? Do you find a lot of these parks?

  2. Yes, you can become a member, but I'm sure there is a waiting list. Not sure how many are on the list at this time. Without being a member, maximum stay here is 28 days per calendar year. This is probably the nicest of the SKP Co-Ops, but the buy-in is also the highest. The current buy-in is $30,140.18 plus an annual maintenance fee. If you decide to leave in the future, you get the $30,140.18 back, however.

  3. We changed our plans a bit so we don't have to drive the 398 we were thinking of next week, now we'll take a 2 day stop in between :). Looks like a beautiful place, maybe someday we'll get there. Hot tub looks inviting-one of the few things from the house I really miss.

  4. Nice, NICE hot tubs! Don't let them go to waste. ;c)

    $4.17 for diesel isn't too bad for CA, but it still hurts. Such is the cost of freedom, worth every penny in my book.

    1. You're right Paul about the fuel. Last year at this time CA's "gas" average price was $4.63 compared to $3.79 now. I shudder to think what the diesel prices were last year.

  5. We have been interested in seeing Jojoba Hills since we first heard about it a few years ago. Don't know if we are going to be able to stay there this time through California, but hopefully we will be able to fit it into a day trip some time in the next few months. Great photos and nice tour!

    1. You should stop in for a bit guys. Since you're in Southern CA, it's only a "short" drive.

  6. Nice looking park. No lack of things to do there!

    Gorgeous sunset!

  7. Lovely park, but no interest gained on the $30+ K. There should be at least an interest "share."

    1. Nan, as far as I've seen that doesn't happen at any of the SKP Co-Ops.