Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kayaking in Cedar Key, FL

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This is our last blog from Cedar Key.  I decided to hold it until the end because this was one of the "funnest" activities we did while in the area.

To set the background a bit.  We have a Sea Eagle Paddleski inflatable boat which we have enjoyed many times in the past.  We were going to use it to do some paddling around the Cedar Keys area.  After taking a look at the waters (especially at low tides) and speaking to several of the kayak rental shops, I felt that the very sharp marine growth might not be too good for the Sea Eagle.

Ok, what to do now.  We still wanted to do some kayaking.  I went online and checked out all of the kayak rental shops in the area.  One in particular received very good reviews and the price was more than right.

We decided on Cedar Key Paddling. They rent kayaks and also lead tours.  The small business is run by a husband-wife team and they couldn't have been more accommodating.  They will deliver the kayak to one of seven locations around Cedar Key and pick you up pretty much anywhere you agree upon.  We rented a tandem kayak for $25 for the entire day.  They will even pick you up at one location and transport the kayak to another location for launch.  I highly recommend them.

We decided that we wanted to paddle from Cedar Key and travel to Atsena Otie Key.  This is a distance of only 1/2 to 3/4 mile each way and the water lies on the protected side of the key.  We put in off G Street near low tide so that we could come back during high tide.

It was a beautiful day with very little wind and almost no waves. Atsena Otie Key is off Karen's right shoulder.
Atsena Otie Key is only about 6/10 x 5/10 of a mile in size.  For such a small key, however,  it has quite and interesting history. Here's a wikipedia link if interested in learning more.

When we arrived on Atsena it was still low tide.

Low Tide On Atsena Otie Key

This was the first spot where we came ashore to explore the deserted beach.  There are really only two spots on the Key which has any semblance of a beach and that you are allowed to swim. We didn't do any swimming, but just enjoyed looking at all of the sea creatures along the beach was interesting.

By the time we returned to the kayak, the tide was returning.  This was good for us because when it's high tide on Atsena, the key is split in half and you can kayak "thru" the key from one side to the other.  Atsena is rich in bird life.

As we are prone to do when adventuring for several hours at a time, we brought our lunch cooler with us.  Lunch on the beach was very enjoyable, but we also wanted to trek inland.

The trail leads inland to a cemetary and to the small remains of one of the commercial businesses which occupied the key in the past. We had been warned by several of the area guides (and by our kayak rental folks) not to attempt this without being properly attired as the mosquitoes were likely to carry us away.  Of course I didn't believe this and started walking.  That lasted all of about 30 seconds before I made a hasty retreat back to the beach.

We had a great day paddling over to Atsena Otie Key and exploring some of its' wildlife and interior section.

Here's a short video of us once on Atsena Otie Key. 

                (Best viewed in full screen and 1080i resolution.)

As always, to see more pictures than included in this blog, take a look at our Google+ Album.
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  1. Nice paddle you had and you even survived, so you could feed those skeeters.... :cD

  2. Great paddle ... lots of nice birdlife. Looks like Karen planned well to coordinate her attire with the kayak ;-)

    1. Erin for some reason when we were paddling "thru" the key at high tide I didn't take any pictures. Very nice area for birding in there.

  3. looks like a fun way to spend some time.

  4. I was impressed with the video quality. Good to hear you after 30 some years.

    I like that part of Florida. My last vacation was in Beverly Hills about 30 or so
    miles away.