Thursday, December 4, 2014

Unusual Happenings in Casa Grande

Posted from Casa Grande, AZ

Not unusual for other parts of the country, but we awoke this morning to a weather phenomenon called rain.  We've now been at Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort since October 15th and this is the first day since we arrived that we've had any appreciable amount of rain.

Of course, rain always seems to occur at the least favorable times.  We booked a cruise to Hawaii to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary (which was actually in September) over a year ago.  We leave tomorrow to drive to Long Beach, CA to board on Saturday.  We were going to use today to prepare the coach for our absence. Things such as stowing outside small items, putting in the slides, and disconnecting the water while gone were all to be done today.  It would be much nicer if the rain would stop, so that things won't have to be stowed still wet.

Probably no blog posting until we get back from the cruise, which will be just a few days before Christmas. 

Here's wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday season.  If you need to be traveling during this busy time of the year, slow down, plan ahead, and get there safely.

Thanks for dropping by to take a look!


  1. Steve,

    Patsy and I congratulate you and Karen on 30 years together. The cruise is a great way to celebrate. We hope it is a successful trip and we hope you have a wonderful time.


  2. Wow! Congratulations on your anniversary. Have a fantastic time in Hawaii!

  3. Happy Anniversary and have a great trip!

  4. Congratulations on the 30 years! Have a good Christmas and enjoy your time in Hawaii.

  5. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. We probably won't be posting anything (here, or on Faceback) until we reach Hawaii. Bon Voyage!

  6. Congratulations on 30 years, we'll make that milestone next summer. Enjoy your Hawaiian cruise, we honeymooned there and love it.

  7. Have a great cruise! We're going on a cruise first week of January (Disney Cruise Line) and it'll be our very first. We've been trying to do a cruise for 37 years and it's finally going to happen. Not counting the solo "cruises" I took in my CG days. ;c)

  8. Hawaii should be fun. Stay away from the hippies !
    BTW, most cruise ships have Internet connectivity.

    - Bert